About us

Every day, many children aged 13-30 approx hear the words “you have cancer”. They go for every needed specialized treatment and support to through it. We’re dedicated to handle this vital need– so no one faces cancer alone.

We are a Non-Profit-Organization where we support numerous underprivileged children, youth and ladies annually through our projects in areas of education, healthcare, youth employability and empowerment of youth/ women/ girls across India. we've an implausible team of staff and volunteers who are inspired daily by the amazing patient who are treated with our units and via our outreach services. Patients help us decide the perfect way to offer them the best cancer services at our NGO. We don't need any charity; Our main motive is to bring a positive change in the lives of the vulnerable people of our society. With this aim, we work with grassroot programmers. But this only can be possible by some good proportion of society who are capable enough to assist either monetary or being a volunteer. Volunteer service is seen as an honest thing in the whole world and helping the needy is seen as a mark of fantastic and prosperous society.

Who We Are?

Jan Kalyan Samiti Foundation (JKS) is registered for Not-For-Profit Foundation that organizes impact-based initiatives under its various programs. Our aim is to support help for folks that aren't able to take Cancer treatment thanks to their financial issues. Our enthusiastic NGO staff and volunteers are always ready for any quite help to cancer patients.

The Jan Kalyan Samiti as an NGO provides assistance to the disadvantaged.

A beautiful idea to form this NGO has arisen from the department of grief. Dr. Ashish Mishra has lost his life with this cancer. Now we don't want anyone else to feel the same pain. this is often often why many cancer projects are under our supervision.

Our Jan Kalyan Samiti (NGO) and its volunteers inspire others with their entirely altruistic work to help more people. Our dream is to determine Cancer-free-India, and much of youngsters are giving their help to us in the same hope. We don’t wish to possess charity apart from the willing folks that want to help cancer patients with money. it would be our pleasure to work with selfless people like them. If you're seeking help for yourself or anyone else, please contact us at:  96952926938318872040.

Our Mission

Our spirit mission of working this administration perceived trust is to offer treatment to not all that favored individual for solid and stable life once more. Of the extent of individuals around us there are a few people who can't take appropriate direction and therapy of the disease and in the long run kick its bucket giving up their family at the center of no place. So we assist the person with getting the treatment and live calmly. 

We make top notch malignant growth administrations for youngsters in the India, giving groundbreaking consideration and backing so youngsters don't need to confront disease alone. 

We realize that having malignancy at a youthful age accompanies its own specific arrangement of difficulties. Our administrations put the necessities of youngsters first and permit them to confront those difficulties together. 

We give a protected where youthful malignant growth patients can be together to appreciate a pleasant time away from medical clinic, doing what youngsters ordinarily manage without a disease analysis. 

We intend to utilize printed data close by using the web to spread our message of mindfulness. We will be hoping to discover corporate allies and awards just as getting sorted out and supporting gathering pledges occasions in guide to accomplish these objectives.

Our Vision

We need to reach and improve the existences of everybody living with disease and to rouse a large number of others to do likewise. 

We need to ensure we can offer help to every individual who needs it, to help individuals influenced by malignant growth feel more in charge of their lives. 

It's a major assignment and we can't do it single-handedly. In any case, there are loads of ways you can get included and assist us with accomplishing our objective, from gathering pledges, to chipping in and battling. 

The Trust appreciates the help and help of countless volunteers who give their time at no expense to the Foundation on the side of our fundamental exercises. We use volunteers on our property based exercises, for example, our raising money occasions. 

We give a protected where youthful malignant growth patients can be together to appreciate a great time away from medical clinic, doing what youngsters regularly manage without a disease finding. 

Last yet not the least Our vision is to give successful, nearby help and data for all individuals living with or influenced by malignancy.


Our fundamental goal is to offer the best help to each youngster , we can assist them with satisfying Go along with us and ensure each youngster from disease and gets the consideration they merit and this can be occur Through your assistance and our work with Indian biggest gathering of expert clinical professionals we will have the option to give admittance to a critical number of malignant growth subject matter experts. 

These clinical experts additionally own chemotherapy units. Working in a joint effort with this organization and using their ability will empower us to bring improved disease treatment administrations in our trust Nearby government are effectively helping us by building up a chemotherapy unit that will work with going to expert professionals and unified well-being experts with the assistance of them. We can make top notch disease administrations for youngsters in the India, giving extraordinary consideration and backing so every individuals don't need to confront malignancy alone.