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Welcome to Dr. Ashish Mishra Jan Kalyan Samiti

Jan Kalyan Samiti Foundation (JKS) is registered for Not-For-Profit Foundation that organizes impact-based initiatives under its various programs. Our aim is to support help for folks that aren't able to take Cancer treatment thanks to their financial issues. Our enthusiastic NGO staff and volunteers are always ready for any quite help to cancer patients.

A beautiful idea to form this NGO has arisen from the department of grief. Dr. Ashish Mishra has lost his life with this cancer. Now we don't want anyone else to feel the same pain. this is often often why many cancer projects are under our supervision.

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Volunteers are important to our work, without them we couldn’t do what we do. We value volunteers, their time and respect the passion that draws them to the work that we do. If you are thinking of becoming a regular volunteer do reach out and talk to our team and we will understand your area of interest and guide you!

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